Today’s Biggest Challenge for New Business is “Generating high quality leads(61%)”

If you have a new company that relies heavily on B2B/B2C leads to generate income, a leads list can help make your life simpler.
Leads are lists of potential clients or customers who have expressed an interest in your type of product or service.
Leads lists are valuable because they reduce your need/cost to go out and find your target customers.

But there are two reasons often marketers don’t want to buy leads.

1.Low Quality Leads and low Conversion Ratio
2.Resale of Old Leads which may not be lead any more

So this is important to choose a good lead generating company when you depend on them for your day to day business leads. To do that You need a better transparency to their lead generation process

How RS Analytics  Generate Business Leads?

  • RS Analytics operates a network of websites that helps targeted customers assemble comparable quotes from similar business.
  • Targeted customers find the lead generating company’s sites while searching for services ,terms on Google ,Bing, or by clicking ads on many of the web’s most popular sites.
  • RS Analytics operates social media campaigns (I.e.. Facebook) and content blogging to attract customers who has interest to a service.
  • Once at the website, customer fill out a detailed quote request form that is specific to the type of they’re interested in buying.
  • RS Analytics uses  some advanced technology which distributes leads based on buyer-created profiles  specific to geography, specialty filters and daily/weekly lead maximums.
  • Buyers get an excellent value as we continuously check the validity of the leads and expire the leads to maintain our quality.
  • It is our goal to grow your business through high conversion ratio. For questions please chat on facebook , skype (rsanalytics). Linkedin or email us at